Nassau County Traffic Court Has A “Hot” Dress Code

  • Michael H. Ricca,
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Although the temperatures are soaring outside, don’t think about stepping foot in Nassau County Traffic Court in shorts. The Court has implemented a “no shorts” policy. If you show up in shorts, you will not be allowed to have your case heard in front of the judge.

While there is no mention of the dress code on your Nassau County Traffic Court ticket, you can be sure that this policy is fully enforced. Many motorists are finding that they have to return home to change their clothes and then go back to Nassau County Traffic Court before they can see the judge regarding their case. The Nassau County Traffic Court also prohibits drivers from entering Court in tank tops or flip-flops and no food, beverages, or phones are allowed either.

The Law Offices of Michael H. Ricca represents motorists throughout Nassau County, which is one sure way to beat the heat this summer. If you have received a traffic ticket you should always consult a qualified traffic attorney before pleading guilty or paying a fine.

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